Choose The Perfect Gothic Wedding Dress

When you decide to choose a Gothic theme to your wedding and now need to choose from a wide range of wedding dresses. It is quite a bold, daring choice.

A Gothic wedding is likely to be a lot darker than a traditional white wedding. It won’t be gloomy, but you may wish to choose some fun elements that showcase your ‘darker sensibilities. Consider dark colors like blacks, grays and scarlets.

Most brides will find that a totally black dress is rather too extreme, but you could buy a white dress and then have it customized with black applique, or black accents in the skirt. On the other hand a dark red dress could be really cool too. Lace is a really important element, and can be included as features all over the dress. Black lace on your bodice, the veil and perhaps the skirt will really help you to look like a femme fatale. Don’t forget that more classical styles of dress are probably going to fit in with the Gothic style better than more modern dresses, and so you’ll want to consider A-line, Ball gown or Empire style dresses.gothic wedding dress

Your bridesmaids should also fit with your theme, so make sure to choose fittingly dark colors for their dresses. How about crimson, black or charcoal for them?

Where to buy gothic wedding dresses? Best to try shopping online. You’ll find that online stores have better choice than big chain stores, and best of all they’re far cheaper!


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