Planning A Victorian Wedding

Wedding must be the most memorable event for all the people. So planning the wedding is important for the couple. If you want to have a wedding that is full of elegance, romance and serenity, choose Victorian wedding theme will be great.

The first thing is to select a place when planning your wedding. A beautiful garden that is in full bloom is one of the places that will give you the feeling of holding a Victoria wedding. Hence a garden wedding can enhance that Victorian era feeling, particularly for those of you who are thinking of having a Spring or Summer wedding as this is generally the time of the year when flowers are in full bloom. Another place choice for a wedding would be buildings with Gothic architecture. These types of buildings would involve pointed windows such as these can be seen in cathedrals. The usual Victorian details on buildings would be towers, turrets and porches.
Decorations should be eye catching, fascinating and would show your guests the wedding’s theme as they enter the reception. Antiques would look good in you reception area. You can get a birdcage as a decor with ribbons, laces or vines as its details. Places with chandeliers on the ceiling and candelabras on the tables would emit a feeling of elegance.
Wedding cakes with Victorian themes are usually large and elaborate. These are actually fruit cakes with white icing and ornate pipe scroll designs and topped with orange blossoms. You can have waiters serve cakes with English tea.
Victorian wedding favors are ornate. You can give out decorative hand fans, beaded purse, box decorated with flower bouquet, scented candles, miniature tea cups, ornate silver frames or even chocolate truffles.
Appropriate clothing for couples are also important. Choose a beautiful white wedding gown, long flowing with laces and ruffles. Usually the gown has long sleeves and a high neck. The groom can select a cut away tuxedo with a vest and kid gloves and top hat. This style will bring out his elegance that would perfectly match his bride’s beauty.


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