Choose Medieval Wedding Theme

Want something completely different for your wedding? Do you want to have a medieval themed wedding? It may sound crazy but there are many people who choose this style of wedding and a number of venues for hire that cater for such an event.
medieval wedding
If you’re wishing to add a touch of the medieval to wedding. You can find a venue, a castle may be a good start. You will be able to dress the venue to your desired theme and add little touches here. It may be the case that you will have a more classic wedding ceremony and save the medieval fun for the reception. The choices are vast and worth considering, especially if the budget is tight.
Themed weddings are becoming as popular as traditional weddings, with couples choosing to provide an alternative style of day for both themselves and their guests. There have to be considerations as to whether you can afford the whole medieval shebang. Another thing to take into account is if you want your guests to dress the part or if you’re happy for them to adhere to a more relaxed or traditional dress code. The predominately Pagan ceremony is usually held outside and can be a wonderful way to celebrate the day.
Not all weddings need to look as if you’re in the midst of a film set, take it as seriously as you wish and let your imagination run riot. Make your wedding something that will be a talking point both on the day and long after, and think of the fun you’ll have looking back over the photos!medieval dress


Planning A Victorian Wedding

Wedding must be the most memorable event for all the people. So planning the wedding is important for the couple. If you want to have a wedding that is full of elegance, romance and serenity, choose Victorian wedding theme will be great.

The first thing is to select a place when planning your wedding. A beautiful garden that is in full bloom is one of the places that will give you the feeling of holding a Victoria wedding. Hence a garden wedding can enhance that Victorian era feeling, particularly for those of you who are thinking of having a Spring or Summer wedding as this is generally the time of the year when flowers are in full bloom. Another place choice for a wedding would be buildings with Gothic architecture. These types of buildings would involve pointed windows such as these can be seen in cathedrals. The usual Victorian details on buildings would be towers, turrets and porches.
Decorations should be eye catching, fascinating and would show your guests the wedding’s theme as they enter the reception. Antiques would look good in you reception area. You can get a birdcage as a decor with ribbons, laces or vines as its details. Places with chandeliers on the ceiling and candelabras on the tables would emit a feeling of elegance.
Wedding cakes with Victorian themes are usually large and elaborate. These are actually fruit cakes with white icing and ornate pipe scroll designs and topped with orange blossoms. You can have waiters serve cakes with English tea.
Victorian wedding favors are ornate. You can give out decorative hand fans, beaded purse, box decorated with flower bouquet, scented candles, miniature tea cups, ornate silver frames or even chocolate truffles.
Appropriate clothing for couples are also important. Choose a beautiful white wedding gown, long flowing with laces and ruffles. Usually the gown has long sleeves and a high neck. The groom can select a cut away tuxedo with a vest and kid gloves and top hat. This style will bring out his elegance that would perfectly match his bride’s beauty.

Have A Halloween Wedding

The key to a Halloween wedding is designing an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, which both celebrates the spirit of the holiday and retains the feeling of a wedding. Here are some ideas to help you prepare Halloween wedding.

Halloween Wedding

Halloween is a perennially popular date for non-traditional brides and grooms. If you love drama, dark colors, and have a love of all things spooky, this just might be the perfect day to host your marriage celebration! Most weddings on that day will always in black color. Orange or red are the most popular colors to pair with black. You can choose a warm orange or a deep red rather than the ultra-bright versions of the hues to make the color palette more sophisticated.

Gothic wedding dress would be cream and accented with black lace, which may be a great choice. For the bridesmaids, dresses in either black or other dark colors. For the groom and the rest of the gentlemen, black suits with a Victorian or Gothic flair will be just right.

Carved pumpkins are a must for a Halloween wedding. You can opt for the traditional jack o’lanterns with scary faces, or something else, such as your initials, black cats, bats, or even decorative motifs like scrolls or fleurs-de-lis. To create an atmosphere with somewhat dim lighting and hundreds of glowing candles, reception will take place after dark. Custom colorwash lighting in a deep, mysterious purple would be a very cool effect.

Flowers are a big part of any wedding, and for a Halloween wedding, many gorgeous blossoms are available in shades of orange and red. Tie bouquets with black velvet ribbon and place the centerpieces into ornate opaque black vases. Alternatively, the flowers can be arranged in hollowed out pumpkins and gourds for a less formal style. Add some branches, drop some jet black and red crystals from them, and you will have a fabulously elegant Halloween wedding!

Have A Gothic Wedding

If you’re going to have a gothic wedding, planning everything will be important. Here are some suggestions and ideas for help you to plan the perfect gothic wedding.

gothic wedding

There are all kinds of gothic clothing designers that would be able to help the bride find a stunning gothic wedding dress. And if you have enough money in your wedding budget or you have a friend or family member that is a very good seamstress, you can even have a dress custom made for your wedding. Your bridesmaids should be outfitted in a similar style to the bride also. Choosing the right styles and colors that will complement the bride’s dress and add rich dark colors that coordinate with the theme.

For wedding invitations, you can take on a hauntingly romantic theme with black roses or dark blood red roses with black accents on a white card. And deep dark colored roses, calla lilies, orchids are also great selections. You can choose dark reds and purples for your flower colors and use beautiful ribbons to tie together the flowers and even find ribbon to compliment the dresses of the bridal party.

Goth wedding cakes are actually very stunning. Choose a red velvet cake or dark chocolate cake may be a great choice. This will give the cake a luxurious and stunning deep red color to contrast with the white fondant icing.

The location for your gothic wedding should be very special. Whether or not you choose to get married in a church under some denomination is completely up to you. Use your imagination and you are sure to come up with the perfect destination.

From the invitations to the dress to the honeymoon you will be able to plan a day that you will remember forever.

The Wedding Ceremony

Nowadays, when a couple wants to hold a wedding ceremony, most of them will choose western wedding ceremony. This article will talk about the process of western wedding ceremony.

western wedding ceremony

Western-style wedding 3 parts:Engagement, ceremony, and banquet.

In the process of engagement, bridegroom, usually prepare a diamond ring which is a symbol for everlasting love. Because diamond is a hard and valuable stone, it can’t be destroyed easily. Bridegroom will use this beautiful ring to make a proposal.

The ceremony is held in the church and close relative and good friends are invited. At the beginning, the Father, groomsman and bridesmaid stand in their place. Children will give the wedding –ring to the Father. Along with the solemn music, the bride pulls her father, and enters the church. The bride’s father will put bride’s hand to the bridegroom’s hand. When the music stops, the bride and the bridegroom will exchange the rings and take an oath:” “To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part”.

Finally the Father announces the establishment of the marriage. The newlywed will kiss each other. Sometimes the newlywed and the guest will take photos as a memento.

The finally is the banquet process, the banquet is less heavenly than the ceremony. The newlywed will invite more friends. They will greet their guests and cut the wedding cake and feed each other, in banquet guest can enjoy cakes, punches and other treats. The bride will also throw her flowers to a group of single girls. Traditional view is that the one who catches the flowers will be the next bride, it is the lucky girl.

So, do you like this wedding style? If you are going to be married, will you choose this style?

Choose The Perfect Gothic Wedding Dress

When you decide to choose a Gothic theme to your wedding and now need to choose from a wide range of wedding dresses. It is quite a bold, daring choice.

A Gothic wedding is likely to be a lot darker than a traditional white wedding. It won’t be gloomy, but you may wish to choose some fun elements that showcase your ‘darker sensibilities. Consider dark colors like blacks, grays and scarlets.

Most brides will find that a totally black dress is rather too extreme, but you could buy a white dress and then have it customized with black applique, or black accents in the skirt. On the other hand a dark red dress could be really cool too. Lace is a really important element, and can be included as features all over the dress. Black lace on your bodice, the veil and perhaps the skirt will really help you to look like a femme fatale. Don’t forget that more classical styles of dress are probably going to fit in with the Gothic style better than more modern dresses, and so you’ll want to consider A-line, Ball gown or Empire style dresses.gothic wedding dress

Your bridesmaids should also fit with your theme, so make sure to choose fittingly dark colors for their dresses. How about crimson, black or charcoal for them?

Where to buy gothic wedding dresses? Best to try shopping online. You’ll find that online stores have better choice than big chain stores, and best of all they’re far cheaper!

Choose Black Dress For Your Big Day

Although brides always choose white wedding dresses, some others like Black wedding dresses for a variety of reasons. Some females simply enjoy the notion of extravagantly expressing their individual taste on their wedding day. Or brides find black gowns appealing. Looking for and purchasing a black dress is easy, due to the vast number of retail outlets which offer dresses at multiple price points. And Online clothing sites are also a great way to save the money.

Gothic Chic Style
Women who use their Gothic style fashion sense to express themselves as individuals often enjoy sharing their appreciation for everything dark on their wedding day. The easiest way to convey your love of this culture is to wear a gothic wedding dress that is completely black. Many women who opt to do this still don more traditional wedding make-up. They also put their hair into classic updos or wear sophisticated styles to offset the potentially shocking image of a black dress gliding down the aisle headed for the altar.

Simply Something Different
Whereas some brides want to blend in on their big day, some women want to stand out as much as possible. Brides who celebrate the fact that they are different than the majority of women in various ways enjoy sharing this reality with close friends and family on their big day. Donning a black wedding gown is one of the quickest and simplest ways to convey this preference. Black dresses also allow the bride to easily determine how fancy she’ll allow the ambiance of her wedding and reception to be. If she wears an elaborate black ball gown, guests can also wear formal attire. Likewise, should she opt for a casual knee-length dress, guests can accommodate her as well.

Avoid Unwanted Attention
Brides who wish to fly below the public radar on their wedding day sometimes opt to dress in black. Dressing in this traditional color allows women to move about on public streets, and in and out of a courthouse or church, avoiding unwanted attention. The bride-to-be enjoys the notion that she could simply be attending any typical dinner or social engagement. Public officials or celebrities in particular, appreciate the anonymity a black dress affords them when traveling to or attending their reception as well.